GSoC Week 11

Hi there! It’s been eleven weeks into GSoC . The module for solving beam bending problems is almost ready. Now, I am focusing fully on example documentation part because it’s very important to let others know what can be done.

So Far

Let us see the capabilities:-

  • Can create a beam object of certain length, second moment of area and modulus of elasticity. A symbol can also be passed for further uses.
  • Can apply loads using its value, start, end and order.
  • Can set boundary conditions for the beam.
  • Can find the load distribution function.
  • Can find the shear force function.
  • Can find the bending moment function.
  • Can find the slope function.
  • Can find the deflection function.
  • Can represent each of those function in the Piecewise form.
  • Can perform all sorts of mathematical operations on these functions.

A full fledged documentation of tutorial and example for this module is on its way.

Next Week

  • To complete documenting examples and tutorials.
  • Get PR 11374 merged.

That’s all for now, looking forward for week 12.

Happy Coding.


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