GSoC Week 12 and Wrap-up

Hello all! This is officially the last week for Google Summer of Code 2016. The submission and final evaluation has already started. Last week I was busy with fixing bugs and preparing documentation for the beam module.

The things that I have implemented till now

  • DiracDelta can be represented in piecewise form.
  • DiracDelta and Heaviside have a detailed docstring.
  • DiracDelta can be pretty printed using δ(x).
  • Singularity Function module which can perform all sort of mathematical operations on discontinuity functions.
  • Beam module which can solve 2D beam bending problems.

Future Plans

Jason has came up with some new ideas for beam module:

  • Plot the shear, bending, slope and deflection diagrams..
  • Compute the strain and stress at any location in the beam.
  • Improve the beam module for more complicated loads.

I have planed for a long term association with SymPy, I am taking the full responsibilty of my code and I will try to contribute as much as I can. I will help the new developers with the Sympy code paradigms and the development workflow.

I have been able to meet all the target that I had mentioned in my proposal and all of my pull requests have got merged except PR 11494. It was great working with Sympy. Jason, Sartaj, Aaron, Kalevi, Isuru and all other sympy members have helped me a lot. Many of the times, I used to get stuck with some implementation, testing or with the Travis CI build but, for everytime they have always tried to help me fix them. My mentors have always appreciated and motivated me. I got to learn many new thing about the software development workflow. Thank you Sympy for making this summer an awesome journey of learning and coding.

That’s all folks.

Happy Coding.


GSoC Week 11

Hi there! It’s been eleven weeks into GSoC . The module for solving beam bending problems is almost ready. Now, I am focusing fully on example documentation part because it’s very important to let others know what can be done.

So Far

Let us see the capabilities:-

  • Can create a beam object of certain length, second moment of area and modulus of elasticity. A symbol can also be passed for further uses.
  • Can apply loads using its value, start, end and order.
  • Can set boundary conditions for the beam.
  • Can find the load distribution function.
  • Can find the shear force function.
  • Can find the bending moment function.
  • Can find the slope function.
  • Can find the deflection function.
  • Can represent each of those function in the Piecewise form.
  • Can perform all sorts of mathematical operations on these functions.

A full fledged documentation of tutorial and example for this module is on its way.

Next Week

  • To complete documenting examples and tutorials.
  • Get PR 11374 merged.

That’s all for now, looking forward for week 12.

Happy Coding.