GSoC Week 9

Hello, guys. Welcome back. It’s been nine weeks into the coding period. I had a meeting with Jason on 17th  of this month. He was attending the code sprints at Scipy and I am very glad to meet other Sympy developers.

So Far

  • I have closed the PR 11266.
  • In PR 11374, I have removed the use of mechanics Point.
  • I have made boundary_conditions as property and the inputs are no longer as **kwargs. Each of the inputs namely moment, slope and deflection are initiated as an empty list. But I have some doubts regarding the behaviour of this method. I feel that this should be used only in the case when a full new set of boundary conditions are given as input. Since to input dynamically, there exists some methods already which would handle each of the cases explicitly. Those methods appends the new inputs whereas this method would delete the existing boundary conditions and apply the newer one. This way the property of being mutable would remain.
  • Replaced the solve function by linsolve. Since solve is going to be depreciated in the mear future.
  • I have added the docstrings for slope and deflection method as well as for the beam class.
  • In deflection method, I have added a new case where if there is no slope boundary condition but there is deflection boundary conditions, it would give operate.

Next Week

  • I will be working on adding a documentation file for this beam bending problem module exclusively.
  • Add some more test for checking the corner cases.

That’s all for this week. Cheers !!

Happy Coding.


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