GSoC Week 8

Hello, guys. Welcome back. It’s been eight weeks into the coding period and this week I enjoyed a lot while working. I learned to build a list without using a loop, in case, it can be done more concisely with a list comprehension such as:

Instead of doing :

In [ ]: b = []
In [ ]: for x in a:
       b.append(10 * x)

we can do :

In [ ]: b = [10 * x for x in a]

I came to know about stuff , like using zip for transposing a matrix and dividing a list into groups of nThis week I had my weekly meeting with Jason and Sartaj on 13th of this month. They were in Austin, Texas attending Scipy 2016, the 15th annual Scientific Computing with Python conference.

So Far

  •  PR 11178  and PR 11237 got merged. So, now the master branch is updated with a module of singularity functions which can handle almost all the mathematical operations.
  • I have used the Singularity Functions  to continue developing the beam bending module at PR 11374. I have added the following methods:
    • load_as_SingularityFunction : This is a private method which represents a PointLoad and DistributedLoad object into a Singularity Function object and stores in the load beam object attribute.
    • load_distribution : This is a public method which outputs a load distribution curve of a beam.
    • shear_force : This is also a public method. It at first checks whether the moment list in boundary conditions dictionary have elements. If it has then it call the bending_moment method and then differentiate the output w.r.t to the free symbol else it just integrates the output of load_distribution method.
    • bending_moment : The initial part of this method is similar to the method shear_force. If the test passes then it integrates the load_distibution twice using contants of integrations and later the contants are solved else it just integrates the output of shear_force method.
    • slope : It outputs the slope of a beam by solving the constants.
    • deflection : It outputs the elastic curve of the beam.

Next Week

  • Modify the Beam Module.
  • Add Sphinx documentations.

That’s all for this week. Cheers !!

Happy Coding.


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