GSoc Week 7

Hi there! It’s been seven weeks into the coding period and the second half has started now. I had a meeting with Jason on 3rd of July. We discussed some modifications that were needed to be done in the existing PRs. Further, we had a conversation on the beam bending module. We ended up with some good ideas regarding the implementation of beam object.

So Far

  • In PR  PR 11178  and PR 11237, I have added the suggested modifications.
  • In PR  11266, I have done some modifications in the DistributedLoad class. Initially, it had “start”,” end” and “value” as its attribute but Jason suggested me to add an attribute which would denote the order of the load. This attribute would help while representing a load in the form of Singularity Functions. Such as:
    • Order = 0 will denote Step Function,
    • Order = 1 will denote Ramp Function,
    • Order = 2 will denote Parabolic Ramp Function and
    • so on …
  • In the same PR, I have added some more method for taking boundary conditions explicitly for different cases such as for deflection, slope and moment as inputs. I made a private attribute _boundary_conditions and initiated as an empty dictionary of lists with keywords  deflection, slope and moment. Later on each of the methods, namely,
    • apply_boundary_conditions
    • apply_moment_boundary_conditions
    • apply_slope_boundary_conditions
    • apply_deflection_boundary_conditions

    just updates that dictionary. The method boundary_conditions would return the dictionary itself.

Next Week

  • I will try to get  PR 11178  and PR 11237 merged.
  • Add apply_load method to the Beam class.
  • Successfully convert all the load inputs through the  apply_load method into Singularity Functions.
  • Write methods which would output load curve, shear curve and moment curve.

That’s all for this week. Cheers !!

Happy Coding.


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