GSoc Week 6

Hi there! It’s been six weeks into the coding period, and it marks the half of GSoC. The Midterm evaluations have been done now and I have passed the mid-term evaluations. I am very much thankful to my mentors. This week I was having some physical illness due to this reason I was not able to attend the meeting with my mentors. This affected my workflow too. I was not able to work for almost 3 days. I will try to compensate the time lag by working some extra hours in the upcoming days.

So Far

  • Until last week, I have completed the implementation of PointLoad and  DistributedLoad. This week I started implementing the class for the principle object of the Beam Bending problems. I have implemented the Beam class. The work is not completed yet. I have initiated the class with length, Young’s Modulus and Moment of Inertia. I have to discuss with the mentor about the mutability of this class.
  • BoundaryConditions :- It is a public method of the beam class which takes the boundary conditions of the beam bending problem as input. I found out that there are only three types of boundary conditions : Deflection, Shear and Moment. So, I made them input in the form of keyword arguments and for each key, the value would be a list of tuples where each of the tuples would contain location and value in this format : (location, value). This method returns the boundary conditions in the form of a python dictionary. For example:  Let a problem have boundary conditions as: Moment(x = 0) = 1, Deflection(x = 0) = 0, Deflection(x = 4) = 0. Then the API is:
  • >>> from sympy.physics.mechanics.beam import Beam
    >>> from sympy import Symbol
    >>> E = Symbol('E')
    >>> I = Symbol('I')
    >>> b = Beam(4, E, I)
    >>> b.BoundaryConditions(moment = [(0, 1)], deflection = [(0, 0), (4, 0)])
    {'deflection': [(0, 0), (4, 0)], 'moment': [(0, 1)]}

Next Week

  • I will try to get  PR 11178  and PR 11237 merged.
  • Modify the Beam class with new methods.

That’s all for this week. Cheers !!

Happy Coding.


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