GSoC Week 4

Hi there! It’s been four weeks at GSoC. This week, I have been working on integrations. I had a meeting with my mentors on 12th June. It was great. I got stuck while implementing the integrations of Singularity Function earlier. I had already discussed that in my previous blog post. But at the meeting, I got some good ideas from Sartaj and Jason which not only cleared my doubts but also helped me to complete the implementation of integration of Singularity Functions. Firstly, they suggested me to start with the integration part in a new PR, since PR 11178 was quite good enough to get merged. Secondly, to integrate the Singularity Functions having exponents -1, we need to rewrite it as  DiracDeltas and then to use the methods of integration which are already available at sympy and then again rewrite it back as Singularity Functions.  Now I am almost completed with the “Implementation of Singularity Functions”.

So Far

  • In  PR 11178, I have added the changes that Jason had suggested. This PR is now ready.
  • In PR 11237, I have almost completed implementing the integrations of Singularity Function both definite and indefinite. I have implemented methods to rewrite DiracDeltas and Heaviside back to Singularity Functions.  The arguments of DiracDeltas and Heavisides should be a linear polynomial to use these methods.
  • I have added a module named “singularityfunctions” in the integrals directory. In there I have defined a function “singularityintegrate”. This one is the core function to integrate the Singularity Functions. SingularityFunction(x, a, -1) perfectly behaves as DiracDelta(x – a).

Next Week

  • To polish PR 11178  and PR 11237 and get them merged.
  • To start working with Beam Bending Module.

Looking forward toward an another great week. Cheers!

Midterm Evaluation is Coming !!! All the best.

Happy Coding.


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