GSoC Week 3

Hi! It’s been three weeks into the coding period, & I have managed to get some pace.I had a meeting with Jason and Sartaj on 5th of this month. We exchanged our thoughts on implementing the integration of Singularity Function objects. Then our discussion moved on towards the implementation of the Beam Bending Module. We focused on whether a Beam object will be mutable or immutable.We ended up discussing two approaches for the implementation of the integration of Singularity Function objects.

So far

  •  PR 11103 and PR 11137 has finally got merged.
  • In  PR 11178, I have added two important methods under  Singularity Function class.
      • rewrite(Heaviside)
      • rewrite(DiracDelta)

    These would help to convert a Singularity Function object into a mixture of DiracDeltas and Heavisides.

    But while doing the inverse i.e. rewriting DiracDeltas and Heavisides I got stuck. I have implemented that in a way which can’t handle a bit complex expressions,but good for simple DiracDelta and Heaviside expressions. I need to work on this method.

  • In the same PR, I am also working on the integration of the Singularity Functions. There are two approaches which I have discussed with my mentors.
    • Directly use the rules of integrations:- I mean if the exponent is greater than zero then increase the exponent by 1 and divide the whole by the resulting exponent. Else just increase the exponent by 1.
      The issue with this approach is if we perform Sympy integrations over SingularityFunction(x, a, 0) ,which is basically DiracDelta(x – a), then it doesn’t satisfy the fundamentals properties of DiracDelta integrations. For the purpose, I am trying the next approach.
    • Using Heaviside and DiracDelta :- Convert the Singularity function into expressions containing DiracDeltas and Heavisides and then integrate that. Integrations of DiracDeltas and Heavisides are already there in Sympy. Then rewrite that result back into the Singularity Function. Lastly, just output that resulting expression.
      Currently, I am working on rewriting the DiracDeltas and Heavisides back into the Singularity Function.

Next Week

  • Continue with the implementation of integrations of Singularity Functions.

That’s all for now, looking forward to week 4.

Cheers. Happy Coding.


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