GSoC Community Bonding Period Week 4

The last week of Community Bonding period was awesome. From tomorrow onwards, the coding period will begin. I am supposed to start working on my project from tomorrow, but I have done that already from the second week of the Community Bonding Period because I was supposed to take a vacation of 4 days (25 May – 29 May). Due to some issues, I have had to cancel that vacation. Now I have got some more days to work on my project. Let’s see what I have done so far…

So far

  •  PR 10863 had finally got merged.
  •  rewrite(Piecewise) :- In PR 11103, I was trying to solve the  arg = 0 part using solve functionality in sympy. But Jason suggested not to use solve as because there may arise some cases when solve will not be able to provide the desired output. So I kept  the arg = 0 part as  it is.  The story doesn’t end here. There is a confusion regarding keeping the check for whether  arg is real. Personally, I think that check should be there since both Heaviside and DiracDelta is defined only on real axis.
  • In PR 11137, I have improved the doc strings of all the methods under DiracDelta and Heaviside classes. I have added the contextual example for DiracDelta(x, k) and described the relation between fdiff() and diff() . This pull request needs a final review.
  • In PR 11139, I have added the functionality to pretty print the DiracDelta(x) as δ(x). This pull request also needs a final review.
  • Finally, almost every proposed improvement under the issue 11075 is being fulfilled.

Next Week

My plans for next weeks are:-

  • To polish PR 11103PR 11137 and PR 11139 and get them merged.
  • To start working on the implementation of Singularity Functions.

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