GSoC Community Bonding Period Week 3

Hi there ! This week was great. I got to learn about many new things. I have mentioned in my last post, about my goals for this week, let us see what I have done so far.

So far

  • In PR 10863, implementation of  _eval_expand_diracdelta is almost done . A final review is needed. But at the same time, I was forgetting about the fact that the   simplify  method has to be deprecated in order to make things backwards compatible. Thanks Jason for the suggestion.

I have made the simplify() method call the _eval_expand_diracdelta() method and raise a deprecation warning. I have also added the tests for this method by catching the deprecation warnings properly. The API works like this:-

In [3]: DiracDelta(x*y).simplify(x)
/home/ahappyidiot/anaconda2/bin/ipython:1: SymPyDeprecationWarning: 

simplify has been deprecated since SymPy 1.0.1. Use
expand(diracdelta=True, wrt=x) instead.

Out[3]: DiracDelta(x)/Abs(y)

These commits are needed to be reviewed properly in order to merge PR 10863.

  •  rewrite(Piecewise) :- In PR 11103, I have implemented a new method under DiracDelta class which would successfully output a Piecewise representation of a DiracDelta Object. For this pull request also, a final review is needed. The API works as:-
In [4]: DiracDelta(x).rewrite(Piecewise)
⎧  oo       for x = 0
⎩  0        otherwise 

In [4]: DiracDelta(x - 5).rewrite(Piecewise)
⎧  oo       for x - 5 = 0
⎩  0        otherwise
  • I have also reviewed PR 11065, I personally think that the implementation is a great idea.

Next Week

My plans for next weeks are:-

  • Polish both PR 11103 and  PR 10863 and get these pull requests merged
  • Improve doc strings of the DircaDelta and Heaviside classes and methods.


I will again get back by the end of the next week. Cheers !!!

Happy Coding.


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