GSoC Community Bonding Period Week 2

The second week of the Community Bonding Period got over. Though this post is quite late, I will try to post updates on Fridays of every week.

So far

I had my first meeting with Jason Moore, one of my mentor, on 5th May through Google Hangouts. We had a brief discussion over my proposal. I am taking a head-start for coding along with community bonding. I have started a discussion about the first phase of my proposal. Jason has created an issue tracker for Improvements to DiracDelta and Heaviside.

  • PR 10863 is almost completed only the depreciation part is left.

Almost all the properties of DiracDelta functions has been already implemented in Sympy. But I need to check whether all of them are unit tested and well documented.

Next Week

My targets for this week are:-

  • Polish PR 10863  and get it merged.
  • Implement rewriting DircaDelta  as Piecewise.
  • Improve doc strings of the DircaDelta and Heaviside classes and methods.

I will again get back by the end of this week. Cheers !!!

Happy Coding.


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