Google Summer of Code with Sympy

About one and half week ago, the results of Google Summer of Code were out. I am extremely glad to inform that my project for Sympy on Implementation of Singularity Functions got selected for GSoC 2016.

Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code is a global annual program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. It is a global program that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects.


SymPy  is a Python library for symbolic mathematics. It aims to become a full-featured Computer Algebra System (CAS) while keeping the code as simple as possible in order to be comprehensible and easily extensible.

About my Project

I have proposed to work on the Implementation of a full fledged Computer Algebra System (CAS) of Singularity Functions. I will create a module to represent a Singularity Function and implement different mathematical operations. This module will be further used to create an another module which would be used for solving complicated beam bending problems.

Jason Moore, Sartaj Singh and Ondřej Čertík are going to mentor me throughout the whole program. All of them are really talented and very humble people. I have learned a lot from all of them. I am extremely lucky to work under such great people.

Now Community Bonding Period is going on. This is intended to get students ready to start contributing to their organization full time from 23rd May. I am supposed to :

  • Become familiar with the community practices and processes.
  • Participate on Mailing Lists / IRC / etc.
  • Set up your development environment.
  • Small (or large) patches/bug fixes.
  • Participate in code reviews for others.
  • Work with my mentor and other org members on refining my project plan. This might include finalizing deadlines and milestones, adding more detail, figuring out potential issues, etc.

Looking forward toward a great summer.





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